Digital Data Link

PKI 2430Print

The wireless digital data link system consists of a Digital Transmitter with internal remote controlled receiver and a Receiver with internal remote controlled Transmitter. The PKI 2430 wireless digital data link is based on USB 2.0 full speed interface. The transmitter is connected to the PKI 2425 audio recorder to read out data and to transmit it error-free and encrypted to the PKI 2420 Receiver, which is connected to any PC or Notebook. Operation of the system is controlled either by pre-programmed time periods or directly remote controlled by software.


  • Up-Link: band of operation: 902-928 MHz (ISM) with 27 FDMA channels
  • Down-Link band of operation: 340-370 MHz with 31 FDMA channels (carrier separation 1 MHz)
  • encryption: encrypted link
  • Keystream: complex, nonlinear sequence with a keystream length of >280
  • Key: programmable
  • Randomizing: overlay code generator (on multiframe), nonlinear sequence with a length of 220


  • RF Power 1 W max.
  • Power Control 30 dB
  • Supply Voltage 6 -15 V DC
  • Dimensions: 140 x 80 x 30 mm


  • RC Transmitter: 1 W max.
  • Supply Voltage: 6 -15 V DC
  • Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 28 mm