Digital Noise Filter System

PKI 2500Print

Secret audio-recordings of wireless transmissions or direct recordings via digital-recorders most often need to have an after-treatment. This especially is necessary in cases where noises from surrounding sources are detrimental. Such unavoidable – but yet disturbing sounds – might be created by air-conditions, traffic, wind or any other noise-creating engine. We, PKI, as a leading manufacturer of surveillance systems hereto can offer a perfect solution to this problem, namely our PKI 2500 Noise Filter System. With this device every department worldwide – like police, secret service or any other state-owned organisation – is able to restore and enhance such poor quality recordings. PKI 2500 is based on a special software solution for filtering of noise-corrupted sound recordings.


  • Consisting of 19 different processing modules:
  • Graphical equaliser
  • Manually adjustable equaliser sliders
  • Adaptive broadband noise filter
  • Adaptive frequency compensation filter
  • 4 adaptive stereo filters
  • Adaptive inverse filter
  • Pulse-like interference filter
  • Dynamic processing module
  • Waveform visualisation module
  • Playback speed alteration module, improves signal-to-noise ratio up to 50dB for tonal noise, up to 20 dB for roadband noise, operates as “Direct X plug-in” in any common sound editor, free adjustment of filtering parameters
  • Restoration and enhancement of poor quality recordings
  • Improvement of speech intelligibility
  • Real-Time Noise Reduction