Directional Microphone

PKI 2925Print

Whenever it is necessary to listen to a conversation at outside areas and from a certain distance, the PKI 2925 is the best possible choice. This unit is constructed as a directional microphone in the form of a tube. Such types more easily can substitute parabolic mirrors, as their shape is less obtrusive compared to parabolic mirrors. That eases the way of camouflaging during operation. Even from inside a car, with opened windows, or from hidden places in open terrain, the PKI 2925 can be used. But in order to come as close as possible to the physical advantages of such parabolic mirrors, the PKI 2925, in buyer’s option, can be supplied in two different lengths of tubes with the same efficiency. For a best possible handling, an ergonomical-shaped handle is supplied, which can be detached if required. The complete set, incl. headset and accessories comes in a ruggedized, splash-proof hardcover case.


  • Pick-up of sounds and conversations from far away
  • Selectable filter for high/low frequencies
  • Separate amplifier with adjustable amplification and volume control
  • Power supply: 9 V
  • Socket for external recorder/headphone
  • Headphone included
  • Weight 525 grams with 350 mm tube