Disguised PC Observation System

PKI 2710Print

PKI 2710 is the best possible unit to store any kind of signal from PC’s. PKI 2710 can be used in combination with every common PC, independent from the operating system. Of course, this unit also stores BIOS-Passwords of the monitored PC, enabling the observer to enter into any protected file of the PC-user. Camouflaged as an ordinary adapter between PC and keyboard, the PKI 2710 stores up to 2 Mio signs, numbers and characters from the keyboard inputs. It is a perfectly disguised and effective way of PC monitoring as it can be installed within seconds. Just disconnect the keyboard from the PC and place the unit in between. By this “PLUG AND PLAY” method an immediate monitoring of everything what the user is doing on this specific PC is stored and can be downloaded.


  • Cable length: approx. 35 cm
  • Fast and easy installation between keyboard and PC by means of connecting cable (plug and play)
  • Storing capacity up to 2 Mio signs
  • Stores BIOS passwords for easy access to any protected file being in use on the PC
  • Unobtrusive as it looks like an ordinary adapter