Frequency Hopping Transmitter System

PKI 2340Print

Whenever unwanted listeners have to be locked out, the PKI 2340 is the only solution. The method of frequency hopping transmissions worldwide is known as the most undetectable version of communication and as the one and only procedure to give total security to all kinds of radio communications. This state-of-the-art, digitally encrypted monitoring system is achieved by the use of latest electronic technologies and micro processors with the guarantee of highest reliability. Although the monitoring transmitter is equipped with a large number of electronic components, it still is compact enough to be hidden inside rooms fast and easily.


  • Extensive protection against detection by digital encryption
  • 2-channel transmission
  • 500 hops per second with a hopping frequency range of up to 100 MHz
  • 10 MHz of random hopping spread
  • Burst length < 100 ms
  • Transmitting frequency: 850 – 950 or 750 – 850 MHz in buyer’s option
  • Burst radio remote control
  • Dimensions: receiver 61x145x221 mm