GPS Mobile Phone Location

PKI 2645Print

With the PKI 2645 you can locate the position of a mobile phone, respectively a person with an accuracy of +/- 250 m. It works all over Germany and is completely unobtrusive. The location found is sent either via SMS to your mobile phone or via internet, so that you are always informed, where the located person is. Any mobile phone with valid contract or pre-paid card can be used. Registration and installation can be done by us. Also available is a tapping function, by means of which you can listen to the conversations in the environment of the mobile phone. Please contact us for further details.


  • Mobile phone networks: O2, D1, e-plus, Vodafone
  • Suitable mobile phones: all standard mobile phones
  • Operating time: 24 hours
  • Information system: internet or SMS to a mobile telephone
  • Remark: A registration SMS must be sent to the mobile phone that shall be located
  • Comes with: locating software