Observation Vehicle Basic Car Series

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Based on a popular compact car (Opel Zafira, VW Tiguan, Toyota VERSO,… depending on the country of use), this vehicle can e.g. be used mobile as a manned version or also parked as a remote version. The requested technical equipment ranges from stationary cameras and microphones to monitor the direct surroundings to HF equipment for eavesdropping and GSM monitoring. Such a parked vehicle can e.g. be used as a repeater (amplifier) for surveillance equipment used in the near vicinity. Whether manned field reconnaissance with night vision technology, audio/video surveillance or also radio-based monitoring, our modular system leaves nothing to be desired. An equipment variant with lockpicking tools etc. for nondestructive opening of various closures as well as the required tools to gain access to the areas under surveillance is also available.


Equipment variants / Examples BASIC CAR

  • Mobile audio/video/RF monitoring. Integrated into the vehicle and/or externally wireless. Extension up to GSM  monitoring (restricted) possible.
  • Video surveillance with night vision technology, etc.
  • Repeater version with proper monitoring sensors. (audio/video/ RF)
  • Manned or as remote version.
  • Service car with lockpicking tools to gain non-destructive access to areas under surveillance. Will be assorted on customer´s request and according to the application.