Observation Vehicle Basic Van Series

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Here, larger carrier vehicles are used. These van-size vehicles (Mercedes Sprinter, Ducato, Izuzu, Toyota, etc.), as well as our Basic Series, can be offered with a wide variety of equipment. Thanks to their generous spacing, these vehicles are ideally suited for long-time observations. Versions with on-board sanitary facilities allow non stop observation periods of up 72 h. Air-conditioned with up to 3 workplaces, even complete mobile command centres can be created according to the desired equipment. The electromagnetically shielded cabins are of course provided with the respective ventilation systems. As a result of the generous spacing, direction finder systems, panorama surveillance, passive/active GSM monitoring, surveillance server applications, both manned and as remote versions, are available. The stand-alone, extremely inconspicuous power generation enables extremely long observation times, too. It is even possible to integrate inconspicuous satellite communication into such vehicles.


  • Equipment variants / Examples BASIC VAN
  • Long-time audio/video/RF monitoring. Directly around the vehicle and externally.
  • Complete active/passive GSM monitoring
  • Evaluation and analysis workplaces with corresonding equipment for up to 72h long-time operations.
  • Central command centre for BASIC/CAR remote vehicles
  • Stand-alone remote system with extremely long operating time. 
  • As the most different requirements ask for a wide variety of equipment, these vehicles are tailored to the customer´s specifications.