Parabolic Directional Microphones

PKI 2915 / PKI 2920Print

These transparent parabolic mirrors, in combination with the built-in low noise and high capacity amplifiers, offer the best audio-unidirectional characteristic being physically possible. The PKI 2915 and PKI 2920 just differ in the diameter of the parabolic mirror. With the PKI 2915 – having a diameter of 60 cm – a distance of approx. 100 m can be achieved, while with the PKI 2920 – having a diameter of 85 cm – approx. 150 m can be reached.


  • These units reach the physical limits of possible sound-pick-up from distant sources
  • Two versions available: PKI 2915 with 60 cm and PKI 2920 with 85 cm diameter
  • Transparent, oval mirrors made of high impact resistant plastic material
  • Enormous amplification due to pick-up sensor of latest generation
  • 9V block battery operation and sockets for headphone and recorder
  • PKi 2915 the big ear for 100m distances
  • Headphone included
  • Weight approx. 380 gr.
  • PKI 2920 for more than 150 m distance
  • Headphone included
  • Weight approx. 400 g