Series of PKI Camouflaged Transmitters

PKI 2300 / 2305 / 2310 / 2315 / 2320Print

All objects within this series are completely disguised transmitters and ready for use. They are used both in commercial and in private sectors. Providing an extraordinary sensitivity of the microphone all these camouflaged transmitters will capture sounds from approx. 10 m distance like all our other transmitters. Even whispered words will be transmitted wirelessly.


  • Several surveillance operations are only possible by using camouflaged transmitters hidden in objects of daily use or in body worn items. For this, we, PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH offer a wide range of standard camouflaged transmitters such as:
  • PKI 2300 Table Lamp Transmitter
  • PKI 2305 Remote Controlled Socket Transmitter
  • PKI 2310 Keyring Pendant Transmitter
  • PKI 2315 Cigarette Lighter Transmitter
  • PKI 2320 Belt Buckle Transmitter
  • Many other applications and implementations into products of daily use can be done according to buyer’s request. Each transmitter placed in such objects is a part of our own production. Full technical details are given upon request.