Surveillance System via UMTS Mobile Phone

PKI 2600Print

The PKI 2600 is the best long-range eavesdropping device in the market providing both audio and video coverage. It has been extensively tested in many countries, where it worked faultlessly and received excellent reviews. It is fully programmable and offers key features like:

  • 180° adjustable camera lens
  • Highly sensitive microphone for clear listening from up to 10 m
  • Operator can make a call from the phone even if it is in surveillance mode.
  • The target can be monitored in real time from anywhere in the world without using high power transmitters and receivers.


Within a second by “switching off the phone” (with a special code), the phone changes to surveillance mode with: dead screen, ringer off and keypad disabled. It is now ready to operate as an audio/video transmitter with infinite range. Whenever now the operator wants to see and listen to the target he only has to dial into that phone. PKI 2600 automatically will answer, without indication to the user. The system only works with 3G phones (WCDMA). Please make sure that there is a 3G coverage and that a valid UMTS card is inserted. If a 3G connection is not available only the audio channel can be used. Once the phone is logged onto network, it may be used normally to make and receive video and audio calls like any other phone.