Voice Activated Transmitter

PKI 2290Print

In many cases the monitoring of a suspicious room has to be effected over a long time period, but the room only can be entered once and the monitoring device has to be installed quickly and easily. Furthermore this monitoring device can only be operated by batteries and should be activated only when persons are in the room. Therefore and in order to save battery capacity, the PKI 2290 has been developed according to the latest technology standards as it is automatically activated by reception of noises/sounds. Whenever there is no sound, the built in automatic voice control (Acoustomatic) will switch the transmitter into a stand-by position. This will save the battery capacity and also will make the transmitter being undetectable when not in use.


  • Only activated during conversations
  • Adjustable Vox-level control
  • Adjustable delay period (5-20 sec)
  • Economic power consumption
  • Long operation time (approx 12 hours with 9 V battery)
  • High sensitive microphone
  • External microphone as option
  • UHF frequency around 427 MHz
  • 20 mW output power
  • SMD technology for smallest dimensions (34x16x8 mm)