Non-Linear Junction Detector

PKI 4250Print

PKI 4250 Non Linear Junction Detector is designed to detect various kinds of electronic devices containing semiconductor elements. Flooding of suspected areas or targets with spectrally pure microwave RF signals locate eavesdropping devices, microphone amplifiers, audio recorders etc. – both in switched-on and switched-off mode. Analysing both 2-nd and 3-rd harmonics returned and varying on the materials with the different metallic junctions and semiconductor junctions return, gives the operator a clear indication of the source of any reflected signal. Due to the use of different formats of modulation for fundamental signals there is a possibility not only to detect radio transmitting devices, but also to define their types by listening to them.


  • Fundamental Frequency 890 – 895 MHz
  • Radiation Mode Continuous
  • Automatic tuning step size 0,5 MHz
  • Analysed Harmonics 2-nd and 3-rd
  • Maximum RF Power 2 W
  • Receiver sensitivity Not worse than -130 dBm
  • Dynamic Range of receiving section Non less than 75 dB
  • Indication Audible and visual (bar indicator)
  • Power supply 12 V Li-Ion rechargeable battery or mains power
  • Operation Time 2,5 hrs