Rapid Deployment Spectrum Analyser

PKI 4100Print

PKI 4100 is one of the most recent developments of our counter-measures specialists. It is a portable counter-surveillance system for analysis of radio frequency surveillance. As an intermediate field counter measure it can monitor several rooms at the same time. It is easily programmable, with results stored for repeatability and future appraisal, with a full A 4 report printout of text and graphical display in line or bar. It allows a novice user with a modest background in radio scanning to be operational in 30 minutes and to produce a fully documented predetermined scan. PKI 4100 is not to be confused as near field, one room at a time, equipment. It provides rapid spectrum analysis, with additional spectrum analyser functions. It can readily identify clandestine transmissions including SMART spread spectrum devices, and display video transmissions at “picture in picture”. The complete system is fully autarkic with integrated rechargeable battery and mains power supply. Its software on Windows basis is professionally designed especially for electronic counter measures. The video capturing system allows the operator to determine the type of video transmission detected. The captured video image is displayed, picture in picture, on the laptop screen, and can be stored for further analysis and playback.

The PKI 4100 features mains and line monitoring for cable / telephone line.


  • Software facilities incl. automatic save of scans, or once every hour for an unattended operation comparing the files routine for additions and omissions, possible threat mode for continuous unattended operation, with alarm manual tune mode spectrum analyser mode
  • Frequency range 10 KHz to 3 GHz
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • High speed scanning
  • Video interpretation and display
  • Mains and line / cable monitoring
  • Auto save for unattended RF spectrum time profiling
  • Possible threat warning
  • A4 printout