Wired Noise Generator, Wireless Noise Generator

PKI 4650 / PKI 4655Print

The technology of monitoring devices is rapidly increasing and detection and location of such devices is very hard to realize. Transmission frequencies of such items may vary nowadays from VHF- to upper GHzranges. Additionally optical monitoring systems, like Lasers, Infrared Systems and Audio-Stethoscopes are in use. Therefore it is essential that government departments, as well as industrial companies protect themselves against such monitoring devices. For this purpose we have developed our PKI 4650 and PKI 4655. With both systems an electronic generator creates a white and/or pink noise which is emitted via the resonators to the windows, doors or walls. The resonators can be placed and fixed by the supplied special mastics material. By means of these vibrations, such monitoring devices are interfered and an understandable transmission is impossible. PKI 4650, as the standard set, comes with the generator and four cable-connected resonators. PKI 4655 uses the same principle but is independent from cable connections, as the resonators are battery-operated and each unit consists of an integrated generator and resonator. Each unit can be placed within seconds. Depending on room size, the number of devices can vary from one unit only to infinity. This white-noise generator especially is in use where members of conferences should not be aware of such protective actions.


  • Power supply: PKI 4650 110/220 VAC, PKI 4655 9 VDC block battery
  • Power consumption: max. 400 mA
  • Dimensions: 95 x 29 x 37 mm
  • Weight: approx. 130 g with battery
  • Scope of supply PKI 4650: 1 x 2 channel noise generator, 4 x contact-resonators, 1x mains power adapter 12 VDC, set of adhesive astics material
  • Scope of supply PKI 4655: generator combined with resonator, adhesive mastic material
  • Cable length: 5 m