EDGE/GPS Audio Bug With Recording Feature

PKI 1930Print

The PKI 1930 is the perfect solution for long-term audio surveillance where a continuous surveillance of the connections is not possible. The PKI 1930 is equipped with a highly sensitive microphone for digital high-quality recording into the integrated memory. The recorded data is compressed in order to save memory space, which allows continuous surveillance even over longer time periods. The data in the memory can quickly be downloaded via EDGE or GPRS connection as an audio file, in order to release space on the memory card for further recordings. As this high-speed connection only requires an extremely short connection, a very long operating time is possible, if the PKI 1930 works with the integrated rechargeable battery. The use of an external power supply of course offers unlimited operating time. The PKI 1930 requests a GSM SIM card which allows data transmission and preferable should be used via EDGE connection. It supports GSM EDGE and thus can work with the maximal upload speed in EDGE networks.


  • Weight: approx. 95 grams depending on the used power supply
  • Power supply: Lithium Ion rechargeable battery or external power supply
  • Dimensions: 60 x 2 x 5 cm
  • Data connection: EDGE Quadband GSM module
  • Data storage: Micro SD card
  • Data connection: mini USB
  • Recording: voice controlled
  • GPS: SiRF Star III
  • Sleep mode with VOX: 1mA
  • Idle mode with GPS: 45 mA
  • Connectors: 2 x antenna GPS/GSM
  • For areas with 3G coverage a special 3G version is available