Tracking Software

PKI 1890Print

The PKI 1890 tracking software has been developed for real-time display of position and route of tracked devices. It is intended for use in combination with our PKI GPS tracking devices which supply a continuous data transmission via GPRS. It is also possible to display several destinations simultaneously and thus allow real-time fleet management. The recorded information can be traced back until a desired point of time or can even be filtered according to regions. During on-line use it is possible to work with services of various internet providers of maps, in order to display the positions on the maps. The maps can be stored in the local memory for off-line use of the software. Via on-line connection the recorded positions can be downloaded from the GPS tracker. Depending on the data provided by the tracker, the following parameters can be shown:


  • Identification of the device
  • Current position
  • Date and time
  • GPS signal quality
  • Status of the motion sensor
  • Battery charge
  • Direction
  • Current height of the tracker
  • Speed
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP and higher