GSM Direction Finder for Mobile Vehicles

PKI 1700Print

The PKI 1700 is a direction finding system that allows locating and tracking of GSM mobile devices. It is equipped with an antenna unit, which can be mounted on the roof of the car, and a controller unit, that displays the direction of the located mobile phone in relation to the position of your car.

The PKI 1700 can be used in combination with the active monitoring systems PKI 1560 and PKI 1580, as well as with the PKI 1620 IMSI Catcher, with which the target mobile phone can be switched into transmission mode. Its special advantage is its extremely high sensibility that allows exact locating even over greater distances. For further locating operations, e.g. inside of buildings we recommend our mobile direction finder PKI 1680.



  • Direction finding device with display, cables, direction finding antenna for use on car roof.
  • Frequency ranges: 900/1800/850/1900 MHz
  • Operating range: 1 – 3000 m depending on topology
  • Power supply: 12 V DC
  • Connectors: Direction finding antenna, power supply.