Separate GSM Network

PKI 1760Print

Such a private mobile communications network can e.g. be used on ships, during disasters or on the occasion of events, etc. A connection to the conventional telephone network via VOIP or ISDN is also possible. It offers an operating range of up to 30 km when using an antenna on a radio mast, e.g. telescopic mast PKI 9655-65. The PKI 1760 is available in different security level designs. The customary GSM devices can be used as mobile phones.


  • Power supply: 110/220VAC
  • Operating range: 30 km
  • max. number of mobile phones used: 600
  • Power output: 20 W
  • Miscellaneous: Voice service, SMS service, data
  • service max. 150 kbit/s
  • On request, the PKI 1760 can also be delivered as CDMA network.