GPS Jammer

PKI 6070 / PKI 6080Print

This extremely small-sized pocket device PKI 6070 is equipped with 10 mW outlet power and designed for interference of GPS trackers which might be installed in a car. The built-in rechargeable batteries allow 6 hours operation. Mobility and independent power supply are the main advantages of this device. The car tracking jammer PKI 6080 works in the exact same manner, however, it is integrated in the cigarette lighter using 12 V on board power supply.


  • Power supply: PKI 6070 Li-Ion battery 400 mAh, PKI 6080  12V DC on board power
  • Block distance radius: 5-10 m
  • Dimensions: PKI 6070  64 x 37 x 16 mm, PKI 6080  100 x 20 x 23 mm
  • Working band: 1575 MHz covers all GPS signals worldwide available
  • Antenna: PKI 6070 built-in, PKI 6080 external
  • Output power: 10 mW
  • Various: GPS jammers with higher power available on request small size
  • safety and security
  • prevents from car tracking
  • easy installation