Portable Jammer for Video Transmission Systems

PKI 6040Print

Wireless systems for video transmission enjoy great popularity. Due to their small camera size, these systems are mostly inconspicuous but may endanger privacy, for example when a PIN number has to be entered. With the PKI 6040, you have a reliable jammer in hands which jams the frequencies used by wireless video transmission systems. Its compact design and built-in batteries provide operation at any time. The 1600 mA/h rechargeable batteries offer 1.5 hours of transmitting time. WLAN transmission is reliably stopped at a frequency of 2.4 GHz so that you are protected against digital video transmission. The power output of each frequency range is 300 mW and is therefore 30 times higher than common video transmitters at 2.4 GHz. Hereby, a radius of up to 15 m is covered. The antennas are detachable and can be replaced by directional antennas. As a result of its compact dimensions and weight of 300 grams, the PKI 6040 fits in every pocket.


  • Frequencies: 895/900 – 1000 MHz, +25 dBm / 300 mW output power, 1195/1200 – 1300 MHz, +25 dBm / 300 mW output power, 2395/2400 – 2500 MHz, +25 dBm / 300 mW output power
  • Total output power: 900 mW
  • Battery: Ni-H battery 12 V DC / 1600 mA/h
  • Video system: NTSC, PAL, SECAM, 802.11 b/g
  • Operating time: 90 minutes
  • Battery charge: 1st time 2 hours up
  • Jamming range: 5 – 15 meters radius
  • Dimensions: 110 x 62 x 30 mm without antenna
  • Weight: 300 g