Video and WiFi Jammer

PKI 6030Print

This jammer is camouflaged in a panel antenna and easy to install. Its 40W power per channel allow interference of devices within a range of up to 150 m. The housing is waterproof according to IP 68. PKI 6030 features an increased frequency range from 2,4 GHz to 5,8 GHz. Further frequencies are available on request.


  • Dimensions: 270x260x95 mm
  • Weight: 3,0 kg
  • Interference frequency: 2,4GHz – 5,8 GHz range
  • Power output: EIRP 40W per band
  • Covered range: up to 150 meters (at -80db)
  • Outdoor housing design: IP 68 waterproof
  • Antenna: integrated Patach High Gain
  • Power supply: 220V/50Hz
  • protects from unwanted WiFi and video transmission
  • various frequency ranges available
  • 40W per band output power