Computer Controlled Military Searchlight

PKI 7565Print

Searchlights are required for any kind of night observation, whether from a helicopter, truck or in a stationary version. PKI can deliver these searchlights according to the requirements. Whether remote controlled, with pan/tilt possibility, program-controlled via a computer or manually operated. Devices with different powers from 35 W to 1600 W Xenon lamps are available, i.e. an illumination up to 3 km is definitely possible.


  • Power: 35 – 1600 W Xenon lamps
  • Housing: compact aluminium
  • Pan/tilt: 350° pan, 250° tilt with high speed motors
  • Remote control: computerized command box and software or by joystick for manual operation
  • Housing: outdoor IP 54
  • Special: for marine applications, IP 65 housing, remote controlled