Disguised Metal Detector

PKI 9100Print

Either for participants at specific meetings or during general check-up tasks at entrances, where people have to be examined, without their knowledge, the PKI 9100 Disguised Metal Detector is an especially designed equipment for detection of both metallic and non-metallic objects. Because of its hand-free application the operator – at one and the same time – can examine a person physically and investigate, automatically and electronically, for the presence of metallic objects. Its silent vibrating alarm allows fully covert operation and is able to discriminate between large and small metal objects. The PKI 9100 comes in one universal size, which fits both the left and right forearm, fixed by a velcrostrip, and can be hidden under every normal clothing like shirt or jacket. It is simple to use as the user just approaches his arm inconspicuously towards the suspect person. If this person carries a weapon or any other metallic object, the vibrator will give its silent alarm.


  • Weight approx. 200 g
  • Operating time approx. 80 hours with standard 9 V battery
  • Ideal for body searches
  • Combines physical and electronic investigations
  • Silent vibrating alarm
  • Standard 9 V battery
  • Fully automatic
  • 100 % finger dexterity