Door Opening Kit for Cars

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In many cases of surveillance it is of utmost importance to open a monitored car without any risk of damage in order to install for example microphones, cameras or GPS-systems. For this application there are different systems available which we have combined in one set:

  • 1.) Decoder for car lock cylinders
  • 2.) Lock picks for car lock cylinders
  • 3.) Car lock scanner
  • 4.) Car Killing Kit

These special tools can also be delivered separately. In most cases it is important to find out the model and year of manufacture of the car, for example by using our decoder for car lock cylinders. With this code you are now able to directly compose a special key for the car by using the provided master keys. For this, you do not need any further tools or machines. Everything is contained in the set. Our software can decode even the latest generations of car lock cylinders and then offer a proposal for the key code. Concerning the lock picks it is also essential to know the model and year of manufacture of the car. Please indicate this together with your order. The tools of the car lock scanner are used to crack the code of the plates integrated in the tumbler of the car lock cylinders even of the latest generation. By means of the cracked code it is now possible to cut a matching key. The car killing kit consists of different bent needles made out of steel wire which are inserted through the rubber joint in order to reach the locking mechanism of the car.