Electricity Generation Unit

PKI 9755Print

There are many life-threatening events in which current might save lives. The PKI 9755, a compact device of only 10 kg, offers a remedy here. This electricity generation kit, with its battery and different connectors, is packed into an easily portable compact tube weighing less than 10 kg. A rollable, flexible solar panel fits inside with light-weight U-pins facilitating perfect set-up of the panel (on the ground, against a wall, hanging up or secured to the roof of a vehicle, etc.) Installed in a few seconds, this totally autonomous energy source is capable of lighting your entire habitat, working a water pump (20 – 30 l/min) or simultaneously charging a computer, mobile phone, GPS or any other electrical/electronic device such as a refrigerator, for example. Its technical features provide a multitude of applications (clinics, expeditions, exhibition tents, first-aid units, etc.)


  • Tube size: 100 x Ø 19 cm
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +60°C
  • Total weight: 10 kg
  • Battery life: over 1000 cycles
  • Solar panel power: 27 W
  • Panel operating power: 15 V
  • Panel operating current: 1800 mA
  • Panel size: 64 x 131 cm
  • Lamp power: 3 W
  • Comes with: 1 battery (approx. 200 W/h) with charge and discharge control, 1 rollable flexible solar panel with fastenings, 1 universal cigarette, lighter socket, 2 USB connectors, 8 LED lamp connectors, 4 LED lamps