Forensic Vehicle Laboratory

PKI 9380Print

Crime is continuously increasing all over the world. In order to increase the detection rate trained personnel and adequate tools of latest technologies are crucial. The PKI 9380 vehicle can be equipped according to requirements of your department. You determine top priorities, whether more forensic equipment, murder clarification case or a laboratory for DNA analysis is required. In order to technologically support the investigation and solving of a criminal case, we can also deliver the latest hardware.


  • Basic equipment: emergency generator, air condition, fridge, various microscopes, chromatograph, murder clarification case, forensic case, digital images and video equipment, computer with the corresponding software, laboratory workstation , various devices for analysis, portable lighting unit, VZA bowls and case for storage, identification kit, chemical forensic kit, blood tracing kit, variousversions of silicone kits, various laboratory apparatus for examination of blood and sperm, nitrate examination equipment, activating device for neutrons (NAA-kit), powder analysis unit for narcotics and ammunition, equipment for taking cadaver tissue samples, set of masks against putrefaction, various mechanical tools, etc.
  • Vehicle: Mercedes Van or as per your demand
  • Various: second-hand vehicles on request