Heat Protective Suit

PKI 9325Print

This suit offers protection against flames and intensive heat and has been designed for longer operations. It enables the fire fighter to cope with special high risk operations and rescue actions which require additional use of respirator as well as head-, hand- and foot protection. The sight glass is made of laminated safety glass, curved, gold steamed, 100 x 220 mm large.


  • Material: special fabrics made of glass fibre, flame-retardant cotton lining
  • Hood: suitable for fire brigade helmets and breathing masks
  • Gloves: back of hand skulpo cloth, Kevlar/glass palm heat-resistant chrome split leather
  • Boots: Kevlar/Glass 660g/m2
  • Bag: 600 x 350 x 300 mm
  • Weight: 8,8 kg
  • Note: easy dressing due to front, back and leg zipper, also with respirator