Hydraulics Door Opener

PKI 9175Print

Special forces are perfectly trained in opening closed doors no matter whether they are barred, of metal or wood, thin or thick. Very fast entering of rooms can be crucial. A surprise attack must be effected within 20 seconds, otherwise the offenders are warned and could escape or make use of their weapons. The attack has to be effected without any noise. PKI 9175 comprises various components i.e. hydraulics unit with 4 different hydraulics stamps. All items are properly packed in 2 portable cases. In order to use these tools professionally, a training time of 1 week is necessary, which is offered by PKI as well. Please refer to our training program.


  • Dimensions: hydraulics unit 835x520x285 mm
  • Weight: 33 kg
  • Dimension: hydraulics stamp and accessories 1360x460x150 mm
  • Weight: 43 kg