Magnetic Clamps Detector

PKI 9560Print

Controlling the entrance of sensitive areas means that each and every passenger car or truck has to be checked carefully. This device is a part of the different instruments used to investigate vehicles from underneath, like inspection mirrors, explosives detectors or bomb sniffers. The PKI 9560 is only destined to detect magnetic clamps mostly used to install auto bombs, drugs, vehicle location equipment etc. beneath cars. A convex mirror on the magnet sensor allows a quick and easy optical control in conjunction with the location of magnetic waves which are indicated as an optical alarm signal. You can chose between 2 different levels of sensitivity. An additionally control lamp shows the charge level of the built-in battery and a reset switch is used to neutralise the instrument as to magnet waves.


  • Dimensions Telescopic arm: standard 45cm, extended 110cm
  • Weight: 2,6 kg
  • Diameter of the sensor: 110mm
  • Power supply: Built-in 12V rechargeable battery
  • Accessories: Battery charger
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy location of magnetic clamps
  • Sturdy housing for the electronic