Mast Systems for Police Vehicles, Mast Systems for Antennas, Mast Systems for Illumination

PKI 9655 / PKI 9660 / PKI 9665Print

Fast installation of mast systems is often indispensable. According to customer’s requirements our systems can be mounted onto vehicles or used in open space. They are available in light, medium and heavy duty versions depending on their height and weight of the object to be fixed, e.g. camera, illumination devices, antenna etc. Out of our range of more than 30 different mast systems we have selected 3 versions. Please ask for a detailed quotation that are sutiable for military purposes as well.


  • PKI 9655: 9 m height, top load up to 15 kg
  • PKI 9660: 30 m height, top load up to 75 kg
  • PKI 9665: 20m height, top load up 70 kg
  • Various: Every mast can be mounted freestanding or onto a vehicle. Extension is effected by hydraulic or hoisting winch.