Microwave Barrier

PKI 7410Print

As long as you are looking for a mobile per imeter control the PKI 7410 is the only choice. It is a mobile perimeter microwave detector and is intended to provide temporary protective boun daries at airfields, military camps, provisional prison camps or other places where areas have to be protected against intruders before they can commit a crime. Therefore this device should not be missing in any government department, as it is the one and only mobile version for totally secure area protection. It protects areas of up to 1.000 m and transmits full information to the security guards via radio channel at a max. distance of up to 6 km. By this the guards can easily determine what is happening in the secure area enabling them to decide the next steps. The complete system is easily deployable and can be carried by one man in the supplied transportation bag.


  • Zone length: < 50 m
  • Zone width: 2 to 5 m
  • Zone height: 2 to 3 m
  • Max. zones: 20
  • Max. length of secure area: 1.000 m
  • Frequency of alarm signal transmission: 2.4 Ghz
  • Operating temperature: – 40 to + 50°C