Mine Detector

PKI 9120Print

The PKI 9120 mine detector is designed for use on all grounds even on compact soils such as volcanic soil or laterit, which makes it suitable for use everywhere in the world. In many regions mine detectors can be influenced by a mixture of soils such as laterit, magnetic rock and by soil conductivity due to monsoon rain. The wide band compensation of this PKI mine detector meets such environmental working conditions and also rejects interference from saltwater due to its pulse induction operating principle. Components subject to wear and tear can easily be exchanged without further calibration work. This eases fault definition and significantly improves equipment availability in the field. Rugged design and constructional features, coupled with various accessories make the PKI mine detector a very versatile equipment, which allows use in lying, kneeling or upright position.


  • Power supply: 8 alkaline batteries 1,5 V type LR 14 (operating time 40 h) or 8 rech. batteries NiMH 1,2 V – 3,5 Ah (operating time 10 h) or battery pack 9,6 V – 3,8 Ah (operating time 10 h)
  • Temperature range: from -21°C to + 55°C approx.
  • Dimensions: circular search head 230 mm diam., optional search head 450 mm diam.
  • Electronic cylinder: 35 x 460 mm
  • Extension rod: 25 x 600 mm
  • Battery container: 30 x 360 mm
  • Lenghts and weights:
  • Short version: approx. 1000 mm and 2,1 kg
  • Long version: approx. 1700 mm and 2,4 kg
  • Complete in satchel: approx. 3,8 kg
  • Complete in carrying case: approx. 8,5 kg