Mobile Electronic Shooting Area Kit

PKI 7495Print

The PKI 7495 updates the traditional target reporting and statistic ways into a selfintellectual, automatic and data processing way. A wireless data transfer system is applied in this. The main control computer adopts DUAL-CPU design style, incl. keyboard operation, computer printing, electricity volume and data presenting functions. Each display transfers all the detailed shooting process to the shooter, which not only helps him to know the scores and experiences, but also improves the training quality and efficiency. The signals of bullet impacts are collected by high-velocity collecting chips with high sensitivity and being transferred wirelessly to the main computer. The target-plate is adhered to the sensor layer by a new compound material which allows a bullet hole recovery rate of more than 90%. The full range of the system consists of:


  • Target-plate
  • Target-bracket
  • Anti-bullet Board
  • Target Controller
  • Data Adapter
  • Cable Connection from target bracket to data adapter and target controller
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Main Computer
  • LCD Display