NBC Protection Suit

PKI 9760Print

This protection suit belongs to a group of activated carbon fabrics which has been designed in order to meet the latest challenge in case of a NBC thread. This suit offers both advantages, i.e. total protection and high air- and water vapour permeability and reduces the threat of heat stress by its excellent wearing comfort. PKI 9760 is especially convenient for operation in hot climatic conditions.


  • Weight: 520 g/m²
  • Air permeability: 250 mm/s
  • Water vapour resistance: ISO 11092
  • Thermal resistance: 0,030 m² K/W
  • Protection against chemical warefare: laid drop test and falling drop test
  • Protection against a 10 gm² HD challenge for 24 hrs up to 4 µg/cm2
  • Gas test: protection against a 20 mg m³ HD challenge for 6 hrs up to 500 mg min/m3
  • Possibilites of decontamination: hot gas/hot vapour (180°C/30 min.) twice
  • Burning resistance: protection against heat and flames (EN 15025) level A
  • Available NBCF (F=fire) protection suit: high protection against fire and heat radiation
  • Washable: at 40°C, Shelf-life: min. 10 years