Net Catcher

PKI 7425Print

With this net catcher escaping persons can be arrested without any problems and danger. No need for a gun! PKI 7425 looks like a common torch. A nylon net is placed in the head which can be ejected under high pressure up to a distance of 8 meters within one second. The person trapped by the net is forced to stop or falls down and can be arrested easily now.


  • Power: high pressure
  • Net diameter: 3 meter Ø, 16 m projector
  • Net ejection speed: 3-8 meters in one second
  • Net material: high strength nylon fibre
  • Dimension: 60 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Various: easy to use & carry, suitable for users of all ages user permission not required, safe and low cost, environment- friendly, high shooting speed over 3-8 meters in one second, large catching diameter of 16 m