Non-Contact Laser for Indoor and Outdoor Security

PKI 7455Print

There is hardly any other building protection solution that can be adapted to the monitoring requirements in such a versatile way as our PKI 7455. This is the result of the functional principle of our active scanner. At an angular resolution of 0.25° and scanning frequencies of up to 50 Hz, it transmits an invisible fan-shaped laser pulse at a 300° angle and measures the time until reception of the reflections. Dark shapes at night are as reliably detected as persons in broad daylight. As the scanners operate in a low laser protection class (LPC 1), they can not hurt anyone. The device is small, consumes little current and offers supply voltages of 9 – 30 V which is ideal also for mobile applications. It is possible to use up to ten monitoring fields. The maximum operating range is 18 m. The scanner technology is designed in such a rugged way that e.g. heat changes, influences of light or radio waves do not impair monitoring.


  • Angular resolution: 0.25°
  • Operating range: max. 18 m
  • Laser pulse: fan-shaped 300°