Obstacle-Clearing Tank

PKI 7560Print

Nowadays each country can be threatened by terrorism. Therefore it is essential to have all necessary basic equipment available such as our PKI 7560 obstacle-clearing tank. German experts for explosives are the no. 1 worldwide due to their long lasting experience of bomb disposal. As specialists often don’t like to work via monitor, this unit has been developed. The driver sits in a shell of 6 mm Naxtra steel, which resists explosives of 5 kg Nitropenta. The front side is especially reinforced with a 33 mm thick Lexar disc. You get inside the obstacle-clearing tank through a hatch which can be opened from in- and outside. An optional installation of 2 oxygen bottles guarantees survival in case of accidental burying. Its small width of only 75 cm allows operation in confined areas.


  • Dimensions outside: length 1,63 m, width 0,75 m, height 1,32 m
  • Dimensions inside: length 1,10 m, width 0,62 m, height 0,96 m
  • Engine: air cooled one-cylinder diesel engine with 1,3 l tank for 45 min. operating time
  • Vertical motion of arm: 120°, horizontal: 30°
  • Picker arm: 120°
  • Window: 170 mm x 320 m made of bullet proof glass 2 side openings of 110 mm Ø
  • Net weight: 635 kg