Operation Overall

PKI 9295Print

Excellent quality, resistivity and a modern design are the main characteristics of the PKI Operation Overall. It is flame-retardant, wind-proof, moisture protected and breathable. Furthermore, we offer additional protection against knife-slashes by means of an inlay for the abdomen.


  • Material: NOMEX by DuPont
  • Shoulder: abrasion-proof, water-proof CORDURA by Du Pont
  • Collar: equipped with cut-restraint at shoulder, chest and back
  • Rescue loop: on the back
  • Superimposed pockets: for radio device etc. further pockets on the upper arm, chest, waist, buttock, tight and lower leg
  • Fleece areas: for tactical labelling on the upper arm and the back
  • Waist belt: width regulation by cord through reinforced belt loops of 5 cm width
  • Zip: manageable with gloves, water-retardant