Portable Explosives Detector

PKI 7315Print

The PKI 7315 can detect explosive substances from the air or by means of a wipe test. The detector is portable and with its exchangeable rechargeable battery it can be operated mains-independently. Its sensors detect all kinds of explosives from black powder via plastic explosives to TNT. The analysis time is only 5 – 10 seconds and the device outputs its alarm acoustically and via the integrated colour display. The kind of explosive detected is displayed. The device disposes of an interface to the PC for software updates and measurement evaluations.


  • Technology: IMS, Hardmard Transfer
  • Detection capability: black powders, ammonium nitrates (AN), TNT, AN-TNT, RDX, PETN, HMX, Tetryl, C4, TATP, SEMTEX, etc. (the explosives database can be updated for new explosives)
  • Sensitivity: 10-9 g
  • False alarm rate: 1 %
  • Sampling mode: Air sample collection of vapor particle and surface wipe of trace particle
  • Warm-up time: 10 minutes
  • Analysis time: 5 – 10 s
  • Calibration time: 30 s
  • Alarm mode: Buzzer and visual display in English
  • Dimensions (mm): 430 × 113 × 205
  • Weight: 4.0 kg (including battery)
  • Power supply: AC 220 V at 50/60 Hz or DC
  • Temperature: -20 to +55°C
  • Working humidity: RH 95 %
  • Display: English menu, 3.5 inches TFT colour screen
  • Connector: Net port or USB port