Protection System of Oil and Gas Pipelines

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This device immobilizes everyone approaching This system is designed for the protection of oil and gas pipelines, important facilities such as nuclear or military stations and for temporarily located camps. The wireless transmitters are quick and easy to install and have an operating time from 6 months up to 5 years. Depending on the operator’s task different versions such as intrusion detection sensors, radio-wave intrusion sensors or infrared intrusion sensors are available. The stationary intrusion detection sensor for example simply has to be buried 20 – 30 cm deep in the soil. Within a radius of up to 100 m the foot steps of an intruder will be detected, a vehicle within a 200 m radius. Infrared sensors can be mounted to a tripod, clamped on trees or fences in order to detect intruders. The detection range is up to 50 m for intruders and up to 100 m for vehicles. After having installed the adequate system, the geographic coordinates of the detection device have to be stored in the memory of the handheld control receiver. This is done by a bidirectional radio channel. The detection devices automatically transmit an alarm to the receiver unit. These data can be loaded to the operator’s console where all detection devices are arranged in accordance with their entered geographic coordinates. In case of intrusion an alarm will be given, obtained data will be stored and appropriate action can be taken. One specialist can install 1 km of detection line within less than an hour.


Detection sensor for stationary application

  • Purpose: detection of a foot-borne intruder and/or vehicle by ground vibration, planted in soil 20 to 30 cm deep for concealment
  • Operating modes: seismic detection device: radius up to 100 m for persons, up to 200 m for vehicles detection device of seismic and tension-release type: 2 coils can be connected with a length of 1500 m each magnetic contact detection device: detection of e.g. opening gate external device activating unit: will activate any device connected for a preset time
  • Weight: 0.63 kg without battery
  • Dimensions: 64 x 120 mm
  • Operating temperature: from -60° to +65°C
  • Autonomous operating time: up to 5 years

Wireless IR intrusion sensor

  • Purpose: detection of a foot-borne intruder and a vehicle by the thermal contrast with the environment.
  • Detection range: foot-borne intruder up to 50 m, vehicle up to 100 m
  • Weight: 0.36 kg without battery
  • Dimensions: 140 x 63 x 63 mm
  • Operating temperature: from -40° to +65°C
  • Autonomous operating time: up to 3 years