Series of Handcuffs and Foot-Chains

PKI 9350Print

Each item of the PKI 9350 series has been developed over a long period and with the experience of 40 years in the field of security equipment by PKI ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE GmbH. Every handcuff and foot-chain is produced in accordance to NIJ Standard- 0307.01


  • PKI 9350 – A Handcuffs – Latest construction with double locking and enlarged range of adjustment for smaller and larger wrist sizes. Weight 340 g
  • PKI 9350 – B Handcuffs made of high tensile steel, resistant against humidity and sea-water, nickel-plated and with sateen finish. Weight 285 g
  • PKI 9350 – C Handcuffs for transportation of persons with extended risks of security. With special key and protected key-hole. Nickel-plated and with sateen finish. Weight 285 g
  • PKI 9350 – D Handcuffs. The most often sold model. Made of high tensile steel, nickel-plated and sateen finished. Weight 285 g
  • PKI 9350 – E Handcuffs with compound hinge for reduced movements under special tasks. Particular security is given by the double locking system. Weight: 315 g
  • PKi 9350 – F Foot-chains – with 355 mm chain length made of specially hardened steel and enlarged cuffs for a better adjustment to prisoner’s bodysizes. Nickel-plated and sateen finished cuffs. weight: 595 g
  • PKI 9350 – G Footchains – for extended carrying capacity. Hardened and welded like item PKI 9350 – D. Weight: 765 g