System for Detection of Hidden Persons in Vehicles

PKI 7360Print

PKI 7360 is essential for control of vehicles in prisons, for detection of illegal immigrants or terrorist risks. The so-called detection of heartbeats is the only known technology so far which allows reliable detection of hidden persons in vehicles. Not only the heartbeat will be detected but also inner movements of other body organs which cannot be influenced by human beings. The whole control of vehicles lasts only 2 minutes. As PKI 7360 uses high sensitive sensors out of the earthquake research results are displayed within 10 to 25 seconds. PKI 7360 is recommended by European Federal Police and is used by police and justice departments in many European and neighboured countries.


  • System components:
  • 1 stationary PC
  • 1 colour monitor 15″ touch screen
  • 1 PKI software
  • 4 magnetic sensors for trucks
  • 1 floor sensor
  • 1 low frequency measuring microphone
  • 1 spare sensor
  • Remark: The detection of hidden persons is an extreme complex task due to nearly unlimited versions of different truck constructions. PKI 7360 is a measuring device. The operation ot this device and high security requirements claim trained personnel.