Through-the-Wall Detector

PKI 7405Print

This device is a small handheld system for the detection and localisation of human beings or animals being suspected in inaccessible rooms. The typical application is during anti-terrorist interventions and disasters like e arthqu akes, demolitions, etc. Its high sensitivity even assures reliable detection of objects hidden behind solid structures like walls, wreckage, etc. According to the micro-movements performed by their life functions the system detects and localises them. In common use, the PKI 7405 can be deployed vertically for forward observing or horizontally for up- and down scanning. The easiest way of operation is just to place the device on the wall or any other solid object. Another possibility is to mount the system on a tripod and to observe the obstacle from a distance of up to 10 m. An optional LAN remote control allows the operator to survey the scene from a safe distance, which is especially useful during long term operation. PKI 7405 has two basic modes, one for fast moving and one for non- or slow moving objects. The fast moving mode has a better tracking accuracy whilst the slow moving mode is more suitable to detect objects which are not moving.


  • Scalable range: up to 20 m
  • Weight: approx 5 kg
  • Breath detection
  • Fast and long term investigation
  • Data recording
  • Tripod mount
  • Optional remote control via LAN