Two-Line-Rigging Kit

PKI 9935Print

This two-line rigging Kit is combining multiple access and disposal capabilities into one single highly effective unit. The equipment can be deployed in a wide range of IEDD scenarios involving buildings, vehicles and urban/rural locations. An excellent stand-alone kit, featuring an extensive range of components that easily achieves the essential functions of movement, attachment, anchoring, reach and manipulation and handling.


  • a total of 100 components with over 30 component types for different use
  • two color-coded, high strength, low stretch core lines
  • robust reels with winding handle, brake and adjustable clutch
  • reel bags, to protect the lines and reels, also to provide utmost carrying capacity
  • high strength, heat-treated hooks
  • standard and break-away pulleys for changing the movement direction
  • standard pulleys for rigging in combination to improve mechanical solidity
  • unique heavy duty jet clamp anchor for clamping to door/window frames
  • heavy duty cantilever-designed crocodile clamps for attaching to heavy sheet materials
  • full technical instruction manual