Ultracam Videoscope

PKI 8050Print

Often it is necessary to visually control a room before entering. There are many reasons, e.g. to check whether there are one or more persons in the room, which objects are in the room, etc. The PKI Ultracam Videoscope system is equipped with IR power diodes and can also be used at night when the room is totally dark without being recognized by present people. Just slide the very flat strip light of only 4 mm with integrated camera under the door and you can monitor the room due to its IR-light.


  • Dimensions of strip light: 4.0 mm flat x 50 x 27 mm with integrated camera
  • Camera: CCD, 420 TV lines
  • Monitor recorder: 2,5″ TFT LCD display with integrated video recorder for 4,5 hours recording time
  • Power supply: Li-ion batteries, rechargeable, charger included