Universal Car Opening Kit

PKI 9700Print

Especially locks of the new generation with end-to-end bolts are appropriate for this kind of opening set. Just install the lifting tool between the door and the door handle plate, in order to obtain the necessary gap that allows introducing the square bolt tool. Actuate the bolt with the tool in order to unlock the door latch. The PKI 9705 is also appropriate for double rabbet doors and self-closing systems. Our handle plate lifting tool can be used on all door systems with enough ridges that allow placing it precisely and to exert force on it. The tools are delivered in a solid hard-cover plastic case with inlays.


  • Handle plate lifting tool
  • Bolt, square, 8 mm for 72 distances
  • Bolt, square, 9 mm for FH-doors
  • 2x bolts, square, 10 mm for 92 distances
  • Long pliers
  • Set of latch pick needles
  • Set of latch opening cards