PKI 9780Print

This UV-set consists in a strong UV-LED light, UV-ink, UV-pen and UV-spray and offers all facilities to convict perpetrators. Once applied on different surfaces and items, the UV-substances remain invisible for the human eye and can only be visualized by means of the strong UV-LED light. This is also the case for texts written with our UV-ink. To do so, just fill the UV-ink into a common fountain pen. If a person touches the UV-marked items, these UV-substances will stick on his hands, fingers or clothes. Afterwards he can easily be identified with the UV-LED light. Of special interest is our UV-spray. Applied onto bank notes, floor grounds, jewelleries etc. it adheres to them during several days and transmits itself to the person that touches them. Afterwards nothing is easier than to provide evidence with our strong UV-LED light.


  • UV-LED light: Wave-lenght: 380 – 390 nm, Power supply: 2 x batteries type AA, Dimensions: ø 34 x 176 mm, Weight: 112 g
  • UV-pen: ø 10 x 60 mm
  • UV-ink: contents 20 ml
  • UV-spray: contents 200 ml
  • Assembled in an aluminium case of 250 x 200 x 85 mm
  • Weight: 1,2 kg