Vapour Tracer & Analyser

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This vapour tracer and analyser is the only portable, real-time, ultra-fast analyser available on the market, that detects and identifies all types of vapours and traces of organic, biological and chemical compounds accurately and in extremely short time. Therefore this new equipment is used by law enforcement and military organisations for detection of explosive devices and all types of narcotics. The vapour analysis technology is based on surface acoustic wave sensors and flash chromatography, which allows the fragrance or odour that is associated with specific chemical processes or products to be chemically analysed and quantified, in parts per billon accuracy, and this within only few seconds.


  • Sensitivity: analyzes vapours within 10 seconds in parts per billion for most compounds, detects hydrocarbons in the range of C4-C25, sensitivity will vary by compounds sampling time, matrix, interferences and detector temperature settings
  • Detector: surface acoustic wave – quartz microbalance
  • Sensitivity Temperature: 0°C – 125°C programmable
  • Sampling: internal sample pump, sample introduction – 5 ml/sec, time programmable from 1-300 seconds, sample absorbed into internal tenax pre-concentrator
  • Column heater range: isothermal operation: 40°C to 180°C or 5°C above ambient, column ramping: isothermal or ramped for 1-18°C/second
  • Carrier gas: helium, typical usage is 300 tests per day with one helium charge
  • Analysis time: 10-60 seconds
  • External input/output: remote start input, digital output information
  • Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 15 cm
  • Weight: 9.1 kg
  • Power: 100-260 VAC at 250 Watt max.