Vehicle Inspection Mirror

PKI 9550Print

The PKI 9550 Vehicle Inspection Mirror, mounted on castors, provides an efficient method for examination the underside of vehicles and to identify any suspicious item (explosives, weapons, contraband etc). It’s large convex mirror offers a wide field of view and is illuminated by a strong fluorescent lamp. Two versions are available, allowing operation from either an integral “D-cell” battery pack or an external 12 VDC source -such as a car battery. It is equipped with a telescopic handle for convenient storage.


  • Lamp: 12V fluorescent, protected within a rugged splashproof acrylic case
  • Mirror: 300 mm dia. circular convex glass
  • Handle: telescopic, up to 850 mm
  • Power supply: model A – 8 pcs „D-cells” batteries, model B – external 12 V power source connected by 8 m power lead
  • Easy to manoeuvre under vehicles
  • Choice of power supply
  • Convex mirror with wide field of view
  • For the same purpose we also recommend to use our PKI 9555 Video Surveillance Under Vehicle System using video technology instead of optical mirrors.